Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10,000 Hits

Hey everyone!  I was going to post a big thank you to everyone who has visited the blog and kept up with my Channel Changers over the past year when it hit the 10000 mark, but it snuck up on me quicker than I anticipated...haha!  Nevertheless, thank you thank you thank you and be sure to stay tuned for some new Channel Changers and even a new plush design that I am working on for year #2!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Planet Hulk Plushie

Finally we have another version of the Hulk.  Have you ever wondered what would happen when the earth finally has enough of the Hulk and they send him away to another planet? Well, he turns into a gladiator and conquers the planet...duh.

Juggernaut Plushie

What is big, red, and mean?  This guy...

Bi-Beast Plushie

Up next, is the double-faced android Bi-Beast!  Be careful...he can see everything....hehe

Joe Fixit Plushie

Next we have the grey hulk as the Las Vegas enforcer Joe Fixit!  Make sure to settle your debts....or he will!

Maestro Plushie

Next up, is the supervillain that combines the intellect of Bruce Banner with the "charming" personality of the Hulk...Maestro.  Sort of looks like a pissed off green Santa Claus...haha.

Hulk Plushie

Hey Guys!  So, I just finished up a six figure set of of Hulk Channel Changers.  Like usual, I had a blast learning about the lesser known Hulk characters and I always love seeing the finished brutes in all of their cute plushiness.  First up, is the big green guy himself....don't make him angry!

Masturbating Bear Plushie

Ok, so don't be fooled by the name...this guy is actually another one of Conan O'brien's characters and if you haven't seen him in "action" the results are always pretty funny. Check him out in this clip (don't worry, it's not really vulgar)...

Pimpbot 5000 Plushie

Hey Gang!  Sorry it has been a while since I posted, but I have been super busy again and I am going to try to update the blog with all of my new plushies over the next couple of days.  The first two new ones I made were requested based off of Conan O'brien's tv show characters.  I loved making them because I remamber just a few years ago laughing my but off at these guys while studying for tests during college.  First up, Conan would always introduce this guy by saying, "Ladies and Gentlemen this fellow combines the classic stylings of a 1950's robot with the dynamic flair of a 1970's street pimp....that's right, boys and girls every where, your friend Pimpbot 5000!" Enjoy!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Perry the Platypus Plushie

So, it is hard to believe that almost a year ago is when I bought my sewing machine and just started making plushies as a hobby. It was a slow start, but I learned a lot to get to the point I am now. As a result, I wanted to remake the very first plushie I made to see what a year's difference makes. Anyway, here is the new and improved Perry the Platypus. Enjoy!!!!!

I also made another Agent P at the same time, and it was pretty cute to see both the unassuming pet platypus and heroic secret spy side by side...

Marvel Mix-up Groupshot

Valkyrie Plushie

Finally, I made the sexy Asgardian demi-goddess....Valkyrie!!

Thunderbird Plushie

Next we have the brief member of the X-Men....Thunderbird!!!!

Wonderman Plushie

 Next up on the list is the on again off again member of the Avengers....Wonderman (Simon Williams)!

Powerman Plushie

 Next up was the always awesome hero for hire....Powerman (Luke Cage). "Sweet Christmas!!!!"

Thunderstrike Plushie

After completing a few individual plushies, I was asked to make another "set"....which I love!  Anyway, this set was a little more challenging because I wasn't familiar with pretty much any of the characters, but I had fun learning about them as I was creating them.  First up is the alter-ego of Thor...Thunderstrike!

Thanos Plushie

Hey everyone!  So, I made this guy a couple of weeks ago, but I have been soooooooo busy with commissions, I just now had a free moment to post him up.  It was fun making him, but I honestly really didn't know that much about Thanos except that is big, mean, and someone you don't want to piss off...haha.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Doppelganger Spiderman Plushie

I was really excited to finally be able to make a Spider-man plush, but I knew it was going to be pretty difficult and time consuming to sew the webbing on his costume.  Well, after some trial and error, I ended up with a process that worked out pretty well.  Nevertheless, here is the evil Doppelganger Spiderman!  I know he is a pretty obscure character, but the fact that he is a bad guy with 6 arms is just plain awesome...

Super Skrull Plushie

Hey Everyone!  I finished these new Channel Changers a few weeks ago, I have just been super busy creating a ton of new plushies and didn't have the time to post these yet.  Nevertheless, these guys were fun to make, and I am glad I finally get to show them off.  First up, is the Super Skrull plush!  I loved being able to have each one of his arms being a power that he stole from the Fantastic 4.  Enjoy!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Batman Series 4 Groupshot

Scarecrow Plushie

Finally, the last plushie to complete the Batman series was the Scarecrow! This is another great Batman villian who would literally scare you to death.  However, this plush version is just too cute to be scary...or is it?

Ventriloquist and Scarface Plushie

The Ventriloquist was a fun one to make because I got to make his evil little puppet...Scarface!  I think this would be a pretty good character for a movie too because lets face it...puppets are creepy....

Bane Plushie

I'm sure you have heard by now that this guy is going to be the next villian in the new Batman movie.  I loved the story where he broke Batman's back and then released all of the prisoners from Arkham Asylum.  Hopefully, the new movie will do him some justice.

Manbat Plushie

What do you get when you reverse Batman?  Manbat!!!! I know, lame....

Gray Ghost Plushie

Next up is a great character from one of my favorite episodes of the entire series...the Gray Ghost.  This guy was a tv hero of young Bruce which later encouraged him to dress up as a bat and find crime.  I loved this story and make sure you check out that episode.

Killer Croc Plushie

Hey Everyone!  I finished this last set of Batman plushies a few weeks ago, but I have been so super busy that I didn't have time to post until now.  Anyway, in this set I started getting into more of the lesser known characters, but I am sure a true Batman fan would know them well...haha.  First up, is the half man, half crocodile....Killer Croc!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

5th Doctor Who

Hey Everybody!  I still have a bunch of commissions in the works, but I wanted to show a pretty cool character I made a while ago.  So, here he is...the 5th Doctor Who!

You know, being from the States, I really didn't know that much about Doctor Who.  But, since I made this plushie, I started watching of a few episodes of the new season and I ended up watching the entire season.  If you haven't seen Doctor Who, you should really do yourself a favor and check it out....I promise you won't regret it. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ninja "Casual Friday" Pillow

Hey guys!  So, I finally had a little bit a free time to finally finish a project that I had been working on for a while.  For this project, I wanted to try using my illustration skills combined with my plushie designs in order to create a cool and funny pillow.  Here is what I came up with...

I call it Ninja "Casual Friday" because even ninja's deserve to be comfortable...haha.  Also, I wanted something to add to my etsy shop because I have been so busy with commissions that I haven't been able to create some original things to sell.  Also, I had some time to create some of the ninjas with their weapons of choice as well.

If any of you guys are interested in these guys, head on over to my etsy shop and grab you one before they are gone!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Batman Series 3 Groupshot

Sorry, I didn't realize I didn't post the groupshot it is...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clayface Plushie

Finally, we get to the Batman villian that is my guilty pleasure...Clayface!!  He is probably the most rediculous bad guy (he is made of clay...haha) but the fights he had with Batman were always epic.  If it were a real fight, he would always beat the Dark Knight...

Penguin Plushie

Batman returns was actually the very first movie I ever saw in the theaters.  I remember freaking out when the Penguin (Danny Devito) chomped down on the guys nose and it started gushing blood.  Because of that, the Penguin will always be the one villian that still gives me nightmares...

Mad Hatter Plushie

Next up is one of the lesser known Batman baddies, but he still is one of the creepiest.  I love his vibrant costume because it somewhat makes his personality so much more evil...

Phantasm Plushie

Mask of the Phantasm will always be one of the best animated movies I have ever seen.  If you haven't seen it, go check it out right now.  The reveal of who the Phantasm actually  is still leaves me speechless.

Mr. Freeze Plushie 2

I know I did a previous one, but this cool guy is based off of the original Batman Animated Series.  He still is one of my favorites...even though his heart is made of ice...haha

Ra's Al Ghul Plushie

Hey Strangers!  Sorry it has been a while, but I have been finishing up the next set of plushies based on the Batman Animated Series.  For the 3rd set, I made some of the lesser known baddies, but I still love how they turned out.  First up on the this set, is the never aging Ra's Al Ghul...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Batman Series 2 Groupshot

Joker Plushie

Finally, you can't have a superhero without an arch nemesis.  So, I proudly present...Joker!

Harley Quinn Plushie

She always there to lend a helpting hand to "Mista J" !!!  She was also pretty awesome in the Batman Arkham Asylum video game...definitely check it out if you haven't yet.

Two Face Plushie

Another one of my favorite Batman baddies is the coin flipping Harvey Dent...a.k.a. Two Face!!! You definitely do not want to piss him off...either of them...

Riddler Plushie

Riddle me this...riddle me that...  Edward Nigma has always been one of my favorites and I love the way he turned out...

Poison Ivy Plushie

Next up is the infectious...Poison Ivy.  Watch out for her thorns...and sexiness...haha!!!

Catwoman Plushie

Hey Everyone! So, I just finished the next set of Batman pieces, except this time I made nothing but bad guys (and gals).  I'm loving this series and I am pretty happy at how they are turning out.  First up on the plush rogues gallery is the mischievous Catwoman...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Batman Series 1 Groupshot

Batman Plushie

Finally, we have the Caped Crusader himself...Batman!!  I think he turned out the best...