Thursday, March 31, 2011

Batman Series 2 Groupshot

Joker Plushie

Finally, you can't have a superhero without an arch nemesis.  So, I proudly present...Joker!

Harley Quinn Plushie

She always there to lend a helpting hand to "Mista J" !!!  She was also pretty awesome in the Batman Arkham Asylum video game...definitely check it out if you haven't yet.

Two Face Plushie

Another one of my favorite Batman baddies is the coin flipping Harvey Dent...a.k.a. Two Face!!! You definitely do not want to piss him off...either of them...

Riddler Plushie

Riddle me this...riddle me that...  Edward Nigma has always been one of my favorites and I love the way he turned out...

Poison Ivy Plushie

Next up is the infectious...Poison Ivy.  Watch out for her thorns...and sexiness...haha!!!

Catwoman Plushie

Hey Everyone! So, I just finished the next set of Batman pieces, except this time I made nothing but bad guys (and gals).  I'm loving this series and I am pretty happy at how they are turning out.  First up on the plush rogues gallery is the mischievous Catwoman...