Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hey guys!  For the next Channel Changer, I wanted to make another guy inspired by a sweet movie that I saw earlier this year.  So, it didn't really take me that long to come up with Kick-Ass! If you haven't seen that movie, you really should.  The graphic novel is also pretty good too.  As a result, my design ended up being a combo of both the comic and movie's costume...

Stay tuned for more plushies and enjoy the specs!!


elmelgares said...

I really like your dolls, I would like to make an exchange?

Of course I also did a kick-ass
One tip, put the link to your Etsy shop ;)

I Design Toys!!! said...

Thanks for the tip! I had been meaning to do that...just forgot... Also, this guy already sold, maybe next time. :-)