Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hellboy Plushie and Friends

Hellboy Plushie with his friends David 8 and Vincent!!!!!



Deli Fresh Threads said...

Not sure if you take Commissioned Plushes but I'd love to see my Biggie Bread Mascot turned plush.

You can see him on my website-

Let me know if you might be interested.

Thank you,

Anthony Biggie Bencomo

Oshäé Alasoori said...

I'm really impressed by your talent, and how you improved it throughout the years. I'm also making plushes but I wonder what fabrics and stuffing do you use to make them so even ?

Anonymous said...

You should really make a PACIFIC RIM PLUSH!!!!!!! GIPSY DANGER!!!!!!

Maddy Wilson said...

Seriously thou, what would it cost to have another Hellboy plushie made?

Anonymous said...

Hi. Are these for sale? Im interested in buying the hellboy design. if you're interested, please email me at thanks :)) great work

jb said...

I am interested in purchasing the Hellboy plush, are you still making them? I have a 2 yr old daughter that watches the movies everyday. Thanks!

Randy Wiebe said...

You're very talented. I'd be interested in buying a Hellboy plushie, if you have any for sale. Please let me know.